Latest updates on facility rental

External stakeholders will not be able to host events on the campuses or book the campus facilities in autumn 2020.


Please make your request using the below form
Facility rental form

For more information and inquiries please contact our customer service:
tel. 0294 525 017

We will confirm your reservation per e-mail.

Atalpa sports facilities
tel. 0294 525 016

General information for renter

University’s facilities are primarily in University’s own use. Third party use should not disturb University’s own use. Facilities can be rented for business hours for ongoing semester.

Price list

Meeting and teaching rooms

The price depends on the capacity of the room.
The reservations are made within a haf an hour time frame.

Capacity – price by hour (VAT 0 %)

401-500 people – weekdays 180 €, weekends 240 €
301-400 people – weekdays 150 €, weekends 190 €
201-300 people – weekdays 120 €, weekends 160 €
141-200 people – weekdays 80 €, weekends 110 €
81-140 people – weekdays 60 €, weekends 80 €
51-80 people – weekdays 45 €, weekends 60 €
21-50 people – weekdays 30 €, weekends 40 €
1-20 people – weekdays 20 €, weekends 25 €


Capacity – price by hour (VAT 0 %) weekdays 300 €, weekends 400 €


350 € / day (VAT 0 %) per lobby or 60 € / day (VAT 0 %) one table/stand

Prices include basic house manager service and cleaning.

The bill will be sent afterwards.

VAT 24 % will be added and payment term is 14 days.

Preparation time should be included in the reservation and that time is chargeable.

Cancellation policy

The reservation can be cancelled free of charge one month before. The reservations cancelled two weeks before will be charged half of the fee.
Cancellations that come less than two weeks before will be charged entirely.

Internet access

Password for the wifi should be applied in advance.

Restaurant services

The organizer makes the agreement of the service with the restaurant and the restaurant sends the bill. The organizer makes sure that the eating/drinking takes place in the agreed area. Eating and drinking in the University’s lecture halls/auditoria is prohibited.

In some of the lobbies there is no license to sell alcoholic drinks. In that case the organizer can bring own drinks. In that case the organizer has to report this to authorities (Alkoholilaki 59 §).


City Centre Campus map
Kauppi Campus map


Visitors can park in the two hour parking places in front of Atalpa (Ratapihankatu 55) and Pinni B (Kanslerinrinne 1).

For more information about parking areas near the University

If you have disabled parking permit you can park in front of these city centre and Kauppi campus buildings:

Main building (Kalevantie 4)
Pinni A and Pinni B (Kanslerinrinne 1)
Atalpa (Ratapihankatu 55)
Arvo (Lääkärinkatu 1)

Other notable things

Maintenance of order

Emergency exits and corridors should be kept clear. The organizer of the event is responsible for the order.

Advertising the event

The name of the organizer has to be mentioned in all advertising. No posters etc. should be attached to the walls or windows. The house managers can help with finding the right places to advertise.


The renter is responsible for all the damages caused to the property or movables.

Official permissions, administrative fees and emergency plan

The renter has to get to know the laws: Kokoontumislaki (22.4.19997530), Pelastuslaki (16 §) and Pelastusasetus (3 §). For more information, see Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department (

The renter is responsible for following the law and making a rescue plan if the event is big and open to everybody.

The renter is also responsible for all official permissions and (if needed) Teosto and Gramex payments:


The maximum headcount capacity of the space must not be exceeded.

Emergency exits

Emergency exits and fire extinguishing equipment must not be blocked. That is on the renter’s responsibility if the pieces of furniture are being relocated or other movables are brought in to the space.


Exhibitions can be set up only in specific places in the hallways or lobbies. For prices, see the price list.


The organizer is responsible for getting insurance for the event. We recommend that the renter gets an insurance for his/her own equipment, pieces of furniture and other belongings.


If there are special needs for electricity (trade show, exhibition), the renter is responsible for arranging it.

Liability for damages

Any damage caused to the property will be charged from the renter.

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